It’s more than how you finish—timeless, functional design begins before anyone ever breaks ground. From consulting on preliminary architectural layouts to installing the final accessories, Heffel Balagno Design Consultants offers a full range of Interior Design services to ensure that the experience of custom home building is a rewarding one.

Our five stages of involvement are:


Conceptual Rendering

Design Development

Regularly scheduled client meetings allow us to customize a space based on individual needs, tastes, and preferences.

Working in close collaboration with an architect, we plan custom spaces that marry aesthetics with functionality, and select architectural finishes to give a cohesive look to the home.

Optional two or three dimensional digital renderings ascertain client satisfaction with our concept development, long before the first beam goes up.


Tender Documentation

We create meticulous and detailed floor plans, elevations, and reflected ceiling plans for pricing purposes. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive specification package for lighting, appliances, plumbing, architectural finishes, and hardware.

When requested, we also acquire thorough budgets for furniture and decorative lighting.


Construction Documentation

During the building process, we work with clients and contractors to make any necessary adjustments to the tender documentation, including floor plans or specification packages.


Project Management

We provide the general contractor with any and all information required by the subtrades, facilitating the timely completion of every project.

Our numerous site visits and project reviews ensure quality standards are maintained throughout a build or renovation.

Heffel Balagno has always provided us with design packages that we consider among the best in the industry.

– Keystone Projects


Furniture and Decoration

We price a unique custom furniture package for every project, using our status in the industry to access trade-only brands.

Our turnkey service makes the home move-in ready, down to cutlery in the drawers and linens on the bed.